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 Eden News




Dear Eden Class


We hope that you had a lovely Easter holiday and welcome you back for an exciting summer term.

We are going to have a term full of colourful learning, as our theme is ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful.’

Becoming nature detectives and explorers, our noticing learning power is going to be in full use, both inside the classroom and outdoors, as we explore the world around us. We’ll need to make sure that we have our binoculars and magnifying glasses to look as carefully as we can!

We will follow a colourful story character into the jungle and research how bright and beautiful that environment is too, looking to see what is the same and what is different to our own.

We can look at our garden and plan how to make it as bright and beautiful as we can, learning how we can be responsible to care for our wonderful world. It is going to be a busy time with welly boots, gloves, spades and watering cans at the ready!

As we see how amazing our world is, we will also remember how special we all are, celebrating our uniqueness and other people how live near and far.

Towards the end of the term, we will invite our families in for a special colourful picnic to celebrate our learning together.

We cannot wait to get started on our bright and beautiful learning adventure!


Mrs Witt

 Mrs Croucher, Miss Dolan, Miss Jones and Mrs Scales.












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