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Dear Eden Class

This term we are going to be learning about some very special animals! We are going to find out about pets.   Many of us have pets that we can talk about and make links to our learning.  Your friends will love to see photos and hear all about your pet or know which animals you like the most and why.  It will be fantastic to learn so much from each other.

Using some wonderful books all about dogs, cats, rabbits and many other pets, including some rather strange and interesting ones, we will be having fun listening for, and making up, rhymes.

We will be pet detectives, using the computer and books to research lots of new information. It is great to share what we already know, but so much more exciting when we discover something new!  I wonder what we will find out?  When we have learnt lots of new facts, we will use the computer to make posters and fact files.

Have you heard of a cat who likes boxes?   I have!  I have also heard of cats that like lots of different places in different countries, so in Geography we can discover where in the world these cats like to go!

We will use the outside areas to go on scavenger hunts, follow animal print trails and create homes and shelters for animals to use.

We will be a very caring class and learn great ways to look after pets, knowing what they need to feel happy and safe. Using our knowledge and imagination, we will design and make a home for a chosen animal.

My dog, Rosie, is very happy and excited about this topic! She has promised to have her photo taken so you can all see what she looks like and what she gets up to!



Mrs Witt, Mrs Croucher, Miss Dolan, Mrs Owen and Mrs Scales.












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