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Year Two





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Have you ever wanted to be a zoo keeper?

Have you ever wondered why a polar bear lives in the artic and not in the desert?

Could you ever imagine insects living in a hotel?

Well, these are just some of the questions we are going to explore in our topic of ‘What difference do animals make to our world’? Just take a moment to look below to discover what our learning adventure will entail…

We are Scientists

Put on your white coat and your goggles as we take a closer look at animals and their habitats. We will be exploring our school environment and making different habitats for the animals around us.

We are Artists

Paintbrushes at the ready! We will be creating our own animal paintings by using a range of techniques using colour, pattern, shape and form. Here is an example of what yours might look like…

 We are Explorers

We will be travelling North, East, South and West as we explore the globe to discover where in the world animals live. You will also need your compass at hand as you will be creating your own maps of the school and producing your own bird’s eye view map of an insect village!

We are Musicians and Designers

Hakuna Matata! We will be taking inspiration from the Lion King as we create our own musical score for the opening scene. We will also be designing and making our own masks to accompany our animal dance. In addition to this, we will be listening to a range of live and recorded music, including the Carnival of the Animals by St Saens.

We are Athletes

Ready, set, go! We will be galloping, leaping and bounding just like animals to choreograph our own dance using the song ‘The Circle of Life’. You will also be developing your fundamental skills of running, catching, jumping and throwing.

So what are you waiting for? We are ready for a learning adventure like no other!


Mr Woolner, Miss Mullan, Miss Burnard, Miss Gladdy, Miss Lee
















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