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Year Three


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Welcome to the Year 3 children’s page!


Where are the Americas? Which countries make up North and South America? Why are the Americas also known as the ‘New World’? Why did so many people leave Europe to start a new life in the Americas? How important were rivers to people living on these two continents? If you want to know the answer to any of these questions, then join us on our journey across the Atlantic to find out the secrets behind the Amazing Americas.


The incredible landscape of the Americas has attracted people from all corners of the world for the last 400 years! It is home to the most powerful country in the world, so get ready to be amazed and:


  • Discover which countries make up the Americas.
  • Produce tour guides for those wanting to visit either continent.
  • Create watercolour paintings based on river scenes across the Americas.
  • Design and construct bridges to securely cross a river.
  • Compare rivers in the Americas to those at home in Cornwall.
  • Explore light and generate an advert for sun safety.
  • Explore the life of Jesus and his relationship to God. 



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