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Year Four


Mrs Clelland

Class Teacher

Mrs Mallin

Class Teacher

 Mrs Worden 

Learning Support Assistant

 Mrs Hobbs

Learning Support Assistant


We will be reading, “Stig of the Dump,” and other texts. We will also be  carrying out research into this part of history. You will also be getting creative by painting cave art as well as building roundhouses which will lead to  developing a Stone Age model village.

For your learning this term, we will be travelling back in time to the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age to see what life was like for our ancestors. Were they really like the Flintstones?  Fred and Wilma  -  Yabba Dabba Doo!


 Welcome to Year 4's children's page....


Prepare yourselves you Primitive Prehistorics!

Savage Stone Age, Beaker Bronze Age, Incredible Iron Age?


What was life like during this part of history?

What was life like at Skara Brae?

Where did people live?

What did they eat?

What were the people like?

What was so good about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age?


I Was Born in the Stone Age

I was born in the Stone Age. 
When I was at school, 
we didn't have chairs or desks, 
we sat on rocks, 
and we didn't have paper or pens 
so Miss used to say, 'Get out your rock' 
and then we wrote on rocks with a smaller rock, 
or what's called a 'stone'. 

by Michael Rosen

So, Year 3 and 4, get ready to ‘rock!’




Mrs Clelland, Mrs Mallin, Hobbs, Mrs Worden





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