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Year Four


Mrs Clelland

Class Teacher

Mrs Mallin

Class Teacher

 Mrs Worden 

Learning Support Assistant

 Mrs Hobbs

Learning Support Assistant


 Welcome to Year 4 page...


What might it have been like to be an ancient Egyptian?


For your learning this term, we will be travelling back in time to Ancient Egypt and exploring what life might have been like on the banks of the Nile. Were the Egyptians really as awful as stories tell?


How did the Egyptians communicate?

How did they deal with death?

What did the Egyptians believe?

What did they wear?

How did they farm?

What is the importance of the Nile?

What is the impact of Ancient Egypt on life today?


We will be reading, “The Egyptian Cinderella” and ‘’The Time Slip Scarab’’ and will be joining in with a range of learning activities to help us explore this deadly period of time.



Melvin the Mummy


Melvin the mummy, who lived near the Nile,

had worked as a mummy for more than a while,

for mummies can go their entire careers

without a vacation for thousands of years.


He guarded the pyramids day after day

to frighten the burglars and bandits away,

which meant, as he stood watching over the pharaohs,

he often got shot at with bullets and arrows.


His job was so stressful, the pay was so poor,

but, still, Melvin stayed and protected the door.

Until he got sick of his sad situation

and knew that he needed to take a vacation.


Join Melvin and his friends as we explore everything Egyptian: the gruesome, the spectacular, the fascinating,  the fearsome...




Mrs Clelland, Mrs Mallin, Hobbs, Mrs Worden





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