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Hello Year 5 and 6!


We are really looking forward to a fantastic term in the Autumn, based around the topic of WWI and WWII.


Our texts for this term will be War Horse by Michael Morpurgo, Carrie’s War by Nina Bowden and Boy by Roald Dahl. We will explore what events sparked each of these World Wars and how people were affected, especially the children. Through our texts, we will explore the characters in more detail and see things from different viewpoints. We will further extend our use of different language features and sentence structures -  continuing our quest to become amazing authors. We also have some amazing topic launch days planned, including a possible WWII evacuation.

Through this topic we will be creating and making puppets, create dance and use our imaginations to paint scenes relating to the Wars.


Spot the figurative language in the poem below.


I’d packed my clothes; my Sunday best

(There was no room for all the rest)

I’d packed my memories in my head,

At night, I shared them with my ted.


Away we were sent -  afraid and alone,

Off to somewhere, completely unknown.

My brother, a limpet stuck to my side,

There was nowhere at all to run and hide.


Cases held tight our with precious things,

Birds carried our dreams on their wings,

We stood quietly on the station,

Our fathers’ fighting for our nation.


We nervously boarded the throbbing train,

And smiled even though in our hearts it rained,

The sleeping train woke, roared and rumbled,

Not once did we look back in case we stumbled.


Away from the city to who knows where,

We pretended we that we didn’t care,

Biting our nails, crying raindrop tears,

Our hearts were filled with unknown fears.


So much learning, so little time!

Year 5 and 6 teachers








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