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Year Six


Mr Avey


 Mrs Meaney - Learning Support Assistant
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Hello Year 5 and 6!


Grab your survival kits and get ready to tackle the elements as we explore the might and power of Angry Earth. We will begin our journey as rescue workers after a catastrophic natural disaster. Learning survival skills and basic first aid, we will be the first on the scene to: assess the damage, prioritise patients and recover essential items to aid future survival.

Next, we will be climatologists exploring how natural disasters form, where they form and the impact they have on humans and the wider environment. We will make links with our mathematical and map reading skills to determine those areas most prone to natural disasters and we will create a survival guide to support individuals living in those areas.

We will end the unit by experiencing a natural disaster ourselves. We will be evacuated to an improvised safe haven where we will put our survival skills to the test. We will learn to live off the land, create our own shelters and prepare improvised meals from recovered resources.

Paying close attention to these lifelong skills will equip you for anything that the earth may throw at you.





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