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Overview of learning for each year group







Autumn 1: New Beginnings


Autumn 2: Special Times


Spring 1: Space


Spring 2:  Spring Time

Summer 1: :Fun and Fantasy


Summer 2: All at sea



Autumn 1: Please look after the bear

Autumn 2: The Jolly Postman


Texts:  Billy's Bucket

             Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs







Spring 1:  Let's Stick Together

Spring 2: We're going on a bear hunt


Texts:  Stickman

             Stanley's Stick







Summer 1: Growing and Changing

Summer 2: Pets








Year 1

Autumn:  What difference do animals make


Texts:  The Twits  

             The Jolly Christmas Postman


Spring 1: Magical Worlds

Spring 2: 

Texts:  Jack and the Beanstalk

             Little Gardener

Summer 1: Farm Hullaballoo

Summer 2:

Texts:  Meerkat Mail

             The Rainbow Fish 



Year 2

Autumn 1:  What difference do animals make


Texts:  Fantastic Mr Fox

             The Wolf's Stories




Spring : Samba Party


Texts;  Rainforest 

    Too Much Talk



Summer: Commotion in the Ocean



Year 3

 Autumn 1: What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?


Texts:  The BFG

             Willy's Stories



 Ancient Eygpt 


Texts:  KindleKrax

             Tom's Sausage Lion 



 Summer: Amazing Americas

Year 4

Autumn: : What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?


 Texts:  The Minpins

              The Adventures of Odysseus


Ancient Greece

Texts:  The Ice Palace



Summer:  Voyage of the Mystery



Year 5

Autumn:  How did the Great Wars affect us in Britain

Texts:  James and the Giant Peach

             The Wizard of Earthsea  



Spring : Carrie's War

Text:  Carrie's War



Summer - Pirates of Burraton




Year 6

Autumn :  How did the Great Wars affect us in Britain

Texts:  Boy

             The Hobbit

Spring: Angry Earth

The Hobbit

Text:  The Hobbit   



Summer: River Singers

Text:  River Singers



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