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At Burraton School, Art and Design is a valuable form of self-expression, imagination and communication for all children.

Through this subject, children are encouraged to explore, experiment and invent their artwork using a wide variety of mediums, equipment and techniques.

Art and Design is an important part of the curriculum at Burraton School, where our curriculum is engaging, inspiring and memorable for all children to express their individual creativity. Children learn through five different areas of focus: drawing & sketchbooks; print, collage and paint; working in three dimensions; paint, surface and texture; and collaboration and community. These pathways are taught in three half terms across the key stages and are supported by Access Art. The study of Art is linked to topics across the curriculum to enhance children’s experiences and engagement of their learning.

Children are immersed into the learning of various artists, cultures and traditions. They are encouraged to discuss, evaluate and appreciate many different art forms and expressive techniques, and in turn, use this knowledge and taught skills to produce unique outcomes of their own. Children at Burraton School are proud of their visual diaries, which encompasses their artistic journey - children have the freedom to take risks and challenge their abilities of art in these personal diaries, letting their personality and identity shine through.

Developing artistic skills, supports children to develop their innovation, communication; it builds their confidence and resilience. Children learn to evaluate and analyse artwork which in turn supports their freedom to create a piece of artwork individual to them. They are able to think critically and develop a rigorous understanding of all aspects of Art and Design, including the application to a variety of real-life scenarios. Children collaborate within the local artistic community and study influential artists, designers and craft makers from around the world, to discover their impact on history and the cultural development of Art.


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