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English is an umbrella term for Oracy, phonics, reading and writing.  At Burraton CP School, we believe that the acquisition of language through the provision of high-quality experiences and stimuli related to the above are a fundamental driver of positive change.

Oracy - Through being taught to speak articulately, children are empowered to communicate their ideas, feelings and emotions.  Through being taught to be a good listener and reader, others can communicate their ideas, feelings and emotions to them. 

Reading - The ability to read fluently and comprehend what has been read enables children to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of the world, allowing children to develop both culturally and socially.

Writing - The ability to write provides children with another tool with which to communicate their knowledge, understanding and thoughts with others in a variety of different ways.

All of these skills are vital life skills that will support children’s success in becoming life-long learners as well as equipping them for the world beyond Burraton CP School.

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