Burraton Community Primary School

Aspiration to Achieve,
Determination to Succeed



Our chosen foreign language at Burraton is French, and all children are exposed to this language when they first enter school in EYFS; we believe that learning a foreign language provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for our children.

The learning of a foreign language from an early age allows them to further develop their communicative skills, confidence and curiosity. Additionally, it provides the school with a medium for cross-curricular learning to enforce knowledge, skills and understanding in other taught subjects.

To begin with, French is taught informally through simple words, phrases and songs. Introducing EYFS and Key Stage One children to this allows for a smooth transition into Key Stage Two, where we use the Rising Stars scheme of work to support the teaching of French. As children progress throughout the school, they will learn to read and write French words and phrases, and later progress onto sentences and short texts. Whist learning French, children will reinforce their knowledge of English and how rules and patterns of languages work.

Our whole school approach to MFL gives our children the opportunity to see our world in a new perspective and to reflect on the diversity they can see around them.