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At Burraton we believe that everyone can do maths. Using a mastery approach, we have broken the curriculum into small steps to ensure a coherent and deep understanding mathematics.

Mathematics covers the areas of the number system and number calculations; geometrical reasoning and measures; handling data; using and applying mathematics.

Through a systematic approach that focusses on key facts our children need to know such as time tables; key procedures our children need to know such as column multiplication and key problem solving approaches such as bar modelling we prepare our children with a deep understanding of the mathematical code they will need to be successful. We adapt our lessons to ensure the children move through objectives together – scaffolding children to meet the objective, whilst deepening through rich contextual opportunities for children who are secure.

Parents can support by helping their child learn number bonds and multiplication tables – we have fortnightly battles on Times Tables Rock Stars and our KS1 children receive certificates for their efforts playing Numbots.


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Burraton Mathematics Vocabulary Progression

Please see below a video on mathematics at Burraton