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Music is an important part of the curriculum at Burraton and provides a unique platform to share the positive ethos of our school with our community.

At Burraton, we believe that everyone is a musician. Class teachers deliver Music to their class, and every child is welcomed to share in the wonderful opportunities that Music holds.

Music provides a wealth of creative opportunities which help to build confidence, relationships with others, creativity, and a sense of achievement. Music is universal across all areas of the curriculum. It is a thread that has travelled throughout history and speaks to us in a universal language.

Children are given many opportunities for singing, creative themed composition, song arranging, movement, percussion, and instrumental work, listening activities and sound exploration. They are encouraged to perform in a variety of contexts and given learning themes which will enable them to experiment, rehearse, perform, and improve. 

Children are taught and encouraged to use correct musical vocabulary and they are presented with activities in which they can develop their understanding of musical elements and genre.  We achieve high standards in music by presenting the children with challenging material whist at the same time providing a safe environment in which they are happy to make mistakes, rehearse and evaluate.

There are numerous occasions throughout the school year for children to perform. We encourage our children to participate in school assemblies, Christmas productions, as well as events within the local community. We invite different musical artists and groups into school to work with the children, thus expanding their understanding of cultural capital and showing them how music can be seen in the real-world.

 Our music lead (BA Music, Hons) ensures that teachers receive relevant, up to date CPD and supports with the delivery of lessons throughout the school.

 At Burraton, we use the Charanga Music Scheme to support teachers with the delivery of Music in class. This provides children with a good base for learning and allows teachers to build upon those foundations to meet the needs of our children. One term per year, children in KS2 also have the chance to be a part of a real rock band and receive small group teaching through an external group called Rocksteady.

 We work with the ASONE Community Hub in Cornwall to give children unique workshop opportunities in various instruments, such as African Drumming.

We are also fortunate enough to have a variety of peripatetic teachers who offer instrumental tuition throughout the school day and many after-school music clubs including live-music and choir. Instruments currently available to learn through one of our high-quality educators include violin, piano, guitar, and drums.

 We have a large stock of musical resources including tuned and untuned percussion, keyboards, pianos, violins, guitars, drum kits and other instruments. These are available in areas around the school and are easily accessible for the children. We also frequently use technical equipment to record rehearsals and group work for pupils to re-visit and evaluate their musical learning

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