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Early Years Foundation Stage

Positive experiences in a child’s early years can benefit them in developing social skills and their ability to learn, and good quality provision has been shown to benefit children right through primary school. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is how government and professionals describe the time in a child’s life between birth and age five. At the heart of the EYFS is the principle that young children need to play in order to have fun, make friends and to begin to learn and understand about the world around them. This is where foundations are laid for a child’s future education. A child’s early years’ experience should be happy, active, exciting, fun and pupils should feel secure.

At Burraton we are proud to offer Nursery provision as well as a continued learning experience into our Reception classes. Staff supporting the learning and development of our children within the EYFS are highly specialised in early childhood development and know and understand how best to ensure children are supported in making developmental steps towards ‘school readiness’.

We know that a child’s personal and social development, alongside their development in communication and physical skills are fundamental to their successes later in learning. Pupils are supported through the different transitions they make and are guided in developing within the prime areas of learning. Our children are  unique individuals and our staff know our children well; we offer enabling environments and we work successfully in collaboration with our parents.

Children’s learning and development is facilitated through allowing children to develop their own play and independent exploration, in combination with skillfully facilitated interactions with staff to ‘scaffold’ learning and allowing children to achieve something new. Children are encouraged to plan and review their learning and to recognise and celebrate their achievements. Developing the characteristics of effective learners is at the heart of our core purpose. We strive to ensure that  Burraton children become independent, resilient, critical and reflective. We want Burraton children to be passionate and motivated and confident to explore all of the new opportunities we are able to offer and to look ahead to the next phase of their learning with enthusiasm.



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