Burraton Community Primary School

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School Dog

Bramble is a young black labrador who has completed a three year training programme to become a specialist school assistance dog with the group 'Canines Supporting Children'.  To achieve this status, she had to pass numerous assessments and be of impeccable temperament.

Bramble is owned by the Head Teacher and attends school almost every day.  She welcomes children onto the playground each morning, and says goodbye at the end of the day. 

Bramble is being trained in many different roles including:

  • to help teach children respect and care
  • to help teach children how to keep themselves safe around dogs
  • to listen to children read
  • to support children who may be anxious, upset or frightened
  • to support children with mental health difficulties

Bramble wears an official jacket when working to indicate that she must be ignored so as not to distract her from her working role.

Bramble is definitely one of the most popular members of the team at Burraton C.P. School.










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