Burraton Community Primary School

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  • Concerns safeguarding people in the digital world.
  • Emphasises learning to understand and use new technologies in a positive way.
  • Is less about restriction and more about education about the risks as well as the benefits so we can feel confident online.
  • Is concerned with supporting people to develop safer online behaviour.

As a school we have a responsibility to ensure that all pupils and staff are aware of e-safety issues and practice safe procedures at all times.  We also recognise the importance of sharing e-safety information with parents/carers.  

In order to fulfil our responsibilities our internet access in school is heavily filtered by SWGfL (South West Grid for Learning).  In addition to this, all pupil laptops are set to a child friendly browser (Swiggle.org.uk).

During Year 2 all pupils have a half-term of ICT lessons designated to learning about e-safety. Furthermore, at the beginning of each school year every class from Year 3 to Year 6 have ICT lessons to remind them of e-safety matters.  All pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 are required to agree to and sign an Acceptable use statement.  This agreement can be viewed on our school website under the ‘Policies’ section.


Information regarding e-safety for both children and parents can be found at: