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 Eden News






Dear Eden Class

We hope that you had a lovely Easter holiday and welcome you back for an exciting Summer term.

Have you heard the commotion in the ocean? There are all sorts of creatures to explore in the water all around the world, and we will be able to find out about so many fascinating fish and their friends.

This term, we will have a very important job to do.  We will be looking after our new fish tank and the fantastic fish that live in it.  We won’t need to just use our imagination to help us with our learning this term, as we will be able to use our noticing skills to see exactly what our fish do and what they need.   We will all need to work as a team to make sure that we do a good job at caring for our fish together.

We will be thinking about how we can also help care for the fish and animals that live in water around the world and how what we do every day can help them all the way under the sea.   That is amazing…to know how we can actually help look after so many creatures every day in the classroom and in the world!

Let’s get learning how!

We look forward to seeing you back to start our exciting topic.



Mrs Witt, Mrs Croucher, Miss Dolan, Miss Jones,  Mrs Scales and Mrs Bellis











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