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 Welcome to KS1 page....



Dear Children

The Summer Term has well and truly arrived, and there is nothing more wonderful than being able to put your sun tan lotion on, grab your sun hat and sunglasses and explore the local environment…. and we will be doing just that we they explore the question, ‘How can I impact on my local environment?’

We will be exploring why Saltash is so special and so significant to the county of Cornwall. In addition, we will be looking at current issues affecting the town and writing to the local council with our ideas of how to improve the town further. We will conduct questionnaires to the local community and put a project together to submit to the local council with ideas of how will improve our town even further. Through discussions with the older generation, we will find out how Saltash has changed over the past 100 years. Furthermore, we will learn songs in music to entertain the older generations in local care homes.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to grow your brain and use those learning powers as we will endeavour to make a real difference in our beautiful town.




Miss Gladdy, Miss Brown, Miss Down, Mrs Jones, Mr Trigg, Mrs Price









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