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Year Two



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Ahoy there, me hearties!


It’s time to put those Easter eggs down and pack your cutlass and eye patch as we are sailing along our learning journey by taking to the Seven Seas for our Summer Term theme, ‘Island Detectives’. We will be exploring the big questions,’ Why is island life different around the World?’ AND ‘What significance do pirates have to our county?’

Our learning journey will be filled with an array of swashbuckling adventures as we research into some of the most bloodthirsty pirates ever to have set sail. It’s not a journey for the faint hearted!

As we journey across the seas, we will stop off and look closely at island life here in the UK and further afield on the island of Bermuda. Your compass will be essential as we do not want to end up in any shark infested oceans as we will find out when we examine the text ‘Sharks’ by Nicola Davies. Likewise, we will need to be brave just in case there are any greedy pirates as we will find out in Pie Corbett’s ‘Kassim and the Greedy Pirate’.

Once on the island of Bermuda, we will take time to relax and take in the sights. It will give us time to compare the island to island life in the UK. We will even get a chance to SKYPE a local resident of Bermuda to find out more about life on the island.

Whilst at sea, we will take in the sounds of the sea to compose our own seascapes as well as sing Friendship songs in tune. As we journey on the oceans we will spend time creating our own textile puppets to entertain the crew whilst at sea. In addition, we will debate the question, ‘Christopher Columbus: Pirate or Hero?’


So what are you waiting for? There’s a journey full of adventures to be had as we jump aboard HMS Burraton on a learning journey that will never be forgot!

Mr Woolner, Miss Mullan, Mrs Chadd, Miss Gingell, Mrs Jones, Miss Timmins













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