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Year Two


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It’s time to put down those new Christmas presents and finish off the turkey as this term we will be putting on our safari suits and heading off to ‘The Animal Kingdom’ to explore ‘What difference do animals make to our world?’

There aren’t many animals around Burraton so where can we find some? We know! We will head off to Paignton Zoo to learn about a wide range of amazing and beautiful animals and their habitats.

Later in the term, we will head off to Tincombe Nature Reserve where we will search for mini beasts and pond life. Now, that is much closer to our locality! Back in class, we will learn to identify and name a variety of common animals, including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.


We will ask the question ‘Where do animals come from?’ and to answer this in Geography we will be using maps to locate where different animals can be found. We will learn about different countries’ national animals as well as comparing the different types of animals that live in non European countries such as Kenya and Borneo, to animals that live in our locality. We will also learn about some animals that migrate and the route that they take. As we live in the Cornwall, we will also be thinking carefully about the animals which make the county their home and the reasons why.


 In Art, we will look at the artist Henri Rousseau and explore his art work to design and create our own animal inspired art work. We will focus on texture, pattern and line as they create their master pieces.


 In History, we will learn about the first animals in space. In addition, we will learn about Neil Armstrong who was the first the first man to walk on the moon.



So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump aboard and take a journey through our magical Animal Kingdom!



Mr Woolner, Miss Mullan, Mrs Smith, Miss Down, Mrs Price













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