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Year Three


 Miss Lee

Class Teacher


                             Mrs L Blamires

                       Class Teacher



Mrs Grant

Learning Support Assistant




 Mrs Chivers

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Watson

Learning Support Assistant


Mrs Pearce

Teacher/Learning Support Assistant







Welcome back to school Year 3


A very warm welcome back to school Year 3. We hope you are prepared for another term filled to the brim with exciting learning opportunities. Do you fancy becoming a caveman or a cavewoman this term>


For your learning this term, we will be travelling back in time to the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age to see what life was like for our ancestors. We will be exploring all aspects of life during these prehistoric times, such as: 


What was life like during this part of history?

What was life like at Skara Brae?

Where did people live?

What did they eat?

How did people survive?


We will be focusing on the fantastic texts “The Stone Age Boy,” and “The Ice Monster” by David Walliams in order to write a detailed setting description of a Stone Age settlement. We will be delving into the mysterious cave drawings found on the inside of caves across the country and use our creativity skills to produce our own. Finally, we will be exploring a wide range of maps and learn how to read a key before designing our very own map of a Stone Age settlement.



So, Year 3, get ready to rock!

Miss Lee, Mrs Blamires, Mrs Pearce, Mrs Watson and Mrs Chivers
















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