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Year Four


Mrs Clelland

Class Teacher

Mrs Mallin

Class Teacher

 Mrs Worden 

Learning Support Assistant

 Mrs Hobbs

Learning Support Assistant


 Welcome to Year 4 page...


What an amazing time we have had in Year 3 and 4 so far with learning about the Stone Age and Ancient Egyptians.


For the summer term, we will be focusing on our text called ‘The Story of the Blue Planet’, by Andri Snaer Magnason.

This is the story of two children who live on a beautiful blue planet where there are no grown-ups, and each day is more exciting than the last.  However, one day, a rocket ship crashes on the beach.  The pilot promised to make life a hundred times more fun. The children soon discover that their endless fun has consequences that they could never have imagined!


I bet you’re now ready to learn some more,

What a fabulous term we have in store!

Brimir and Hulda live on the Blue Planet,

There were no adults and so they ran it!


A rocket ship crashes on the beach,

The pilot (Gleesome Goodday) was there to preach,

Promising a better world, full of fun,

However, serious consequences had begun.


 A tale of selfishness and sacrifice....


We will also be learning about the local area of Saltash, including land use and features. We will be focusing on recycling and designing and making products to sell.


Ask lots of questions and I am sure,

You’ll learn all the above and even more!


It’s great to be a member of the team in Year 3 and 4!



Mrs Clelland, Mrs Mallin, Mrs Hobbs, Mrs Worden





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