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Year Four


Miss Gladdy

Class Teacher

Mrs Mallin

Class Teacher

 Miss Trico

Learning Support Assistant

 Mrs Herbert

Learning Support Assistant


 Welcome to Year 4 page...


Welcome back to school. Ready for fun, excitement and adventure? Well, you are in luck! The Year 4 teachers decided to stay at home this summer and instead have used our holiday money to buy Year 4 our own time machine.

I wonder where you would choose to go if you could travel anywhere? Would you go forward or back in time? To lands far or near?


Not able to wait for the new term to start, I’ll be honest, Miss Gladdy and I had a little go in the time machine (just to make sure we had set it up correctly for you). What fun we had! We have, however, encountered a ‘small’ problem and this is where our adventure together begins.

After returning from a journey to a time 1,600 years ago, we found that we had brought back more than just an experience to remember. One of the most fearless warriors of Anglo Saxons times (Beowulf) decided to ride back with us to 2019. Is he trying to escape Grendel (the merciless ogre) or the fearsome monsters that stalk the moons? Should we send him back or help him understand how we live today?                 


Using our learning powers and growth mindset, we will find out more about Beowulf and the times in which he lived…about warriors, battles and kingdoms…farming, food and feasting…and think about what the Anglo Saxons have done for us today. What will you find out? What might you learn? Will you decide to send Beowulf back to the past? Or will he join Trematon or Restormel? You decide!


 Miss Gladdy, Mrs Mallin, Miss Trico and Mrs Herbert






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