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Year Four

Miss Gladdy

Class Teacher

Mrs Mallin

Class Teacher

Miss Trico

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Herbert

Learning Support Assistant


 Welcome to Year 4 page...


Welcome back to school, Year 4! Whilst we are sat in the cold, wet weather of the United Kingdom, this term we will be using our imaginations to travel across the oceans to learn all about the country of Greece!  

So, grab your sun cream, hats and swimwear as we begin our new learning adventure!


To start our learning journey, you will need to be ready to immerse yourself in Greek culture: we will be exploring where this beautiful country is, what Greece is like, its language, food, celebrations and what makes Greece such as a popular tourist destination!

Fancy a future as travel agent? Can you persuade people to visit Greece by creating an information leaflet and creating a promotional, advertising video?



We are then going to jump into our time-machine and travel back 2,500 years to Ancient Greece!


We know all about how the Anglo-Saxons shaped our world today, but I wonder what the Greeks did for us?

Has our language been affected by the Greeks?

Would we be competing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

Would we have a democracy?


 We are going to explore all these questions and more to see how much the Greeks really influenced our current day!


 Miss Gladdy, Mrs Mallin, Miss Trico and Mrs Herbert






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