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Year Five



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Hello Year 5


Pack your bags, get your hiking boots on and get ready for a trek across the spine of America.

Our first adventure begins in Mesoamerica. A group of children are lost in the jungle after their plane crashes and they discover an ancient city.

Why are there pyramids outside of Egypt?

Who might have built them?

What might have happened to them?

These are just a few of the questions we will explore.

We will delve into the culture and history of the Maya- a civilization which dominated the Mesoamerican region for thousands of years, before the arrival of settlers from the west. We will explore their civilisation, how it changed across the centuries and what remains of their civilisation today.

Later, we will continue our journey down the spine of North and South America, exploring the geography of the different continents. Why is the Amazon so important for people of the region? How does it differ from where we live? How does the diversity of the region impact on those that live there?

Check into your adventure on January 6th and prepare for a term of discovery.  



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