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Year Five






           Miss Blamires

          Class Teacher 

             Miss Sharp

             Class Teacher

             Mrs Prout

           Learning Support Assistant








 Mrs Groves

Learning Support Assistant

Miss Dolan

Learning Support Assistant

 Mrs Hewitt

Learning Support Assistant









Hello Year 5




Welcome Year Five to your first term of the year.

Grab your helmets, board your long ship and join our adventure as we sail through history and explore the life of the Vikings.

Did Vikings really have horns on their helmets?

Where did they originate?

What did they eat?

Why were they such formidable warriors?

Explore this and more as we embark on our epic saga and unveil the mystery behind these notorious invaders.

We will begin our journey in a Viking village where we will explore daily life, art, houses and the food of the era. We will then board our long ship and begin to retrace some of the most famous journeys of these fierce warriors. What famous battles did they win? Why were they so feared in Europe? What impact did they have on Britain today?

Finally, we will head to the mysterious island of Iceland. How might the Vikings have reacted when they discovered this bizarre place? How is it different from their homeland?

This will prove to be an exciting term filled with lots of adventure so get those helmets on now and get set for a term to be remembered.


Miss Sharp      Mrs Blamires       Miss Hewitt         Mrs Prout       Mrs Groves
















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