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Year Five






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Hello Year 5

We are exploring the River Tamar over the summer term…and we have so many questions that need answers!

Have you ever wondered how the River Tamar affects our lives today?

Do you know how much it has changed throughout the years?

This term, we will discover and take a journey through the life of the river Tamar. From source to sea, we will research the human and physical features and take a trip to Plymouth Sound.

We will begin our journey down at the Brunel Bridge, where will focus on locating and sketching the physical features we can see. We will delve into the history as well as the human geography and complete a project of your choice to present as a fabulous finale.

In addition, we will design and produce a replacement for the Tamar Bridge using a range of resources. Why is it so important? What is the significance of the bridge? What would life be like without it?

Let’s discover our local area in more detail and appreciate our beautiful surroundings. We are looking forward to getting started!


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