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Year Six


Mr Avey

Class Teacher

 Mrs Meaney - Learning Support Assistant

Mr Turner - HLTA



Mr Wheeler - Class Teacher


Mrs Green - Learning Support Assistant


Miss Jolley - Learning Support Assistant






Hello Year 6



Batten down the hatches and grab your supplies: Year Six are going on a journey through the history of The World Wars.

Have you ever wondered if there were any benefits to war?

Do you know about how the wars started? How they ended?

Well, this term, all your questions will be answered as you travel back through time and visit some of the most significant events in modern history. We will have many highlights on our journey. We will dig trenches and experience what life was like for soldiers at the time. What did they eat? How did they sleep? How did they describe their experiences?

We will then explore some of the most significant battles of the time. Which battle was the most significant? Why were the allies victorious?  

In the second half of the term, we will jump further forward in time to World War Two. Battle tactics, medicine, weapons technology- how had these things changed?

Finally, we will learn about evacuation and experience being evacuated ourselves. How might it feel to be taken from your home and live with a stranger? Why was evacuation necessary?

This will prove to be an exciting term with many highs so get those helmets on, grab your rifles and get set for a term to be remembered.


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