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Overview of learning for each year group





Year 1

Home Sweet Home

What does home mean to you?


Poles Apart

Would you rather live in Saltash or the Polar region?

 Sun, Sea and Sand

Year 2

City Lights

Would you rather live in a town or a city?


Our Animal Kingdom

What difference do animals make to our World?

Island Detectives

Year 3

Tomb Raiders

What was life like in Ancient Egypt?


Rock of Ages (page 1)

Rock of Ages

What changes happened in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?


Year 4

The Invaders

Would the Anglo Saxons survive in modern day society?

Greece is the Word

How did the ancient Greeks change our world?

Saving Our Planet

Year 5


Were the Vikings vicious raiders?


Mystic Mayans

How might the Maya civilisation differ from our own?

Splish Splash

Year 6


Behind Enemy Lines

Are there benefits to war? 


Angry Earth

How are humans affecting our climate?

Your Hired!


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