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Overview of learning for each year group






Who makes me a me

 Fun and Fantasy


Year 1

Home Sweet Home

What does home mean to you?


Poles Apart

Would you rather live in Saltash or the Polar region?

 Sun, Sea and Sand

Year 2

City Lights

Would you rather live in a town or a city?


Our Animal Kingdom

What difference do animals make to our World?

Island Detectives

Year 3

Tomb Raiders

What was life like in Ancient Egypt?



Rock of Ages

What changes happened in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?


Year 4

Anglo Saxons

Would the Anglo Saxons survive in modern day society?

Greece is the Word

How did the ancient Greeks change our world?

Saving Our Planet

Year 5


Were the Vikings vicious raiders?


Mystic Mayans

How might the Maya civilisation differ from our own?

Splish Splash

Year 6


Behind Enemy Lines

Are there benefits to war? 


Angry Earth

How are humans affecting our climate?

Your Hired!


Where are we? Here we are!



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