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The Early Years Foundation Stage

In our Reception classes, we follow the national guidance for all children aged 0-5 years. The guidance builds on children’s prior abilities in a wide range of skills, dispositions and abilities.

At Burraton, we are proud of the relationships we have with our children and we are careful to ensure that each child’s next unique learning steps are planned for and that the children are well supported on their learning journey.

At the heart of our classroom practice is the balance of adult led activities supporting the learning of new skills and concepts, which we then see children being able to apply in their independent play. Play and exploration are recognised as the key methods for young children to explore their world, learn about relationships and to rehearse skills they have learnt in ‘real contexts’. Activities such as playing in our role play area or leading a collaborative number game with friends gives opportunity for the development of these skills.

Our classrooms and school environment, alongside excellent relationships, ensure that the children can thrive, explore, question and take safe risks. Burraton children are truly engaged and motivated learners!

The Department for Education (DfE) have reviewed and revised the guidance given to all Early Years settings and this became statutory in September 2012.

The DfE website may be of interest to parents and can be found at: www.dfe.gov.uk


Adults working in the Reception classes

On the cloakroom doors of the Reception classes you will see named pictures of who is working in your child’s class each day. You will know your child’s class teacher and the class teaching assistant well. In addition, other assistants work in our classes to support pupils with individual needs. Higher level teaching assistants (HLTAs) also work in our classes on a regular basis.

We are very fortunate to be supported by a number of adults who volunteer and give their time freely to support activities and learning within the school. In the Reception classes, we have a number of adults and students who make a very valuable contribution to the learning and achievements of the children. If you would like to know more about volunteering in school, please ask Mrs Carvell for more information.


Supporting your child at home

As a parent you are your child’s very first teacher! In school we strive to develop excellent relationships with the children and this includes developing excellent relationships with parents too. To ensure your child’s happiness, well being and development, we believe that we should work in partnership. It is always a pleasure to receive ‘Just to let you know’ sheets, telling us about your child’s interests and achievements outside of school. We aim to ensure that our activities address your child’s interests and needs, and your input, either verbally or through such notes, help us to match learning opportunities to what best motivates your child.  

Staff are available to talk before and after school. If you want to ask a question, perhaps about supporting your child’s reading or about their progress or friendships, we are more than happy to spend some time with you. No question is unimportant. 

We are committed to ensuring that you are informed of what is going on in school and to support you when talking to your child at home. We send home a weekly overview sheet, so you have an idea of what your child will be doing in the following week.


Snacks and drinks in school

All of the infant children at Burraton benefit from the Government’s free Fruit and Vegetable Scheme.

Each day a piece of seasonal fruit or vegetable is provided for the children for their daily snack. The children regularly have carrots, apples, pears, strawberries, pineapple, tomatoes, baby cucumbers, satsumas, bananas and raisins.

In class, children are encouraged to drink freely from their water bottles. We also participate in the Cool Milk Scheme, whereby children under the age of 5 may receive milk free of charge on a daily basis and once they turn 5, parents may choose to pay for milk for their child. This scheme is subsidised by the Government.




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